I feel like there were three distinct visions for this movie and in three different rooms three different people did whatever they thought the movie was about and then they shipped it never having had a conversation amongst themselves.

Spoilers after this.

One person thinks the internet is entirely made of Candy Crush style games and oddly pinball like noises. One person thinks this movie is a spin off a bleak trapped in the haunted woods 70s style suspense film. And another is going for a morality tale.

There are parts I like but as soon as the film was creating any sort of suspense or groove the Candy Crush pinball game would interrupt spoiling it. The result is my experience of the storyline was so fragmented I don’t have a cohesive feeling except annoyed.

Props to realistic tween girl bullying and realistically psycho parents. The characters and bleak snowscape kept me watching when I probably would have turned the movie off unfinished otherwise.