Trying to find words for Get Out is very difficult. The most important words are simply “go see it.” No review can encompass the impact of this film. It both does tribute to a long line of horror & suspense films while creating a completely new whole.

Spoilers follow.

As I suspect everyone knows by now Get Out is a movie about race in America, specifically the experience of black men. The film’s main character is a talented photographer with a white girlfriend and they are about to go upstate for him to meet her parents. I started yelling at the movie when she said she hadn’t told her parents he was black and pretty much kept yelling and muttering (mostly internally) throughout the whole movie.

Microaggressions become horrifyingly invasive. Well meaning support is meaningless, truly meaningless. Intetion to help is a front for intetion to harm. And at the heart of it all is the question of the value of the black body and black soul as compared to the white body and white soul. What else do you call it when a black body is admired and stolen to benefit the white soul?

There are a million conversations to be had around this movie and multiple viewings yet to be taken in. Inevitably I will own it.

Movies I think influenced Peele? Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen, Clockwork Orange, The Human Centipede, Hot Fuzz (which was influenced by all cop movies), Stepford Wives, …

For me this movie really drew strongest from the 1970s horror aesthetic but without the flip from suspensful story telling into over the top monster gore that often comes at the end of those movies.

Go see it.