Scourge has mediocre writing, acting, pacing, premise.

Spoilers if you continue.

The only thing that got attention in this movie is the cgi & design for the monster.

I did like the little old lady on the oxygen tank who tells the origin story. Also the dedication of the actor who let them duct tape over his beard. I mean that’s sacrifice for art. And it wasn’t a gentle hint of duct tape, it was full on this beard is coming out wrap.

Still if you’re looking for community college level theater that is yet another story about a white dude mistaken for a bad boy proven to have been better for looking worse and getting his high school crush I would go with one of those high school romances and skip this.

Ends with that “not really over” ending and a friend’s band. If I cared more I would look up the actor to see if he (see male gaze) has done anything since graduating but the stereotypes he leaned on are not my bag and even if the style has improved I suspect the substance is about the same.