Thirst does some really neat things with color choices but the cgi doesn’t blend well which may be the point since it’s an alien and all.

Spoilers if you continue.

I like the acting, I like the color scheme, I like the landscape, I like that there’s a signal that the monster’s coming. What is this monster?

I mean seriously. It’s a cheetah, it’s a dinosaur, it’s a robot, it’s an alien, it’s got neat teeth and a killer bellybutton that sucks the water out of it’s victims. It’s the most confusing monster since Brotherhood of the Wolf but at least that one was eventually pinned down.

Love me some pipe bomb building nerds. Also any good aunt reacts to a crisis by offering food. Sure these are stereotypes but they’re important stereotypes that let us focus on things like surviving the alien that crashlanded in this strange desert.

Where is this desert anyway? Did they say that at the beginning? I’ll probaly watch this again so I can always find out the second go round.

Wait, what? Glowy alien fetus sucking on hot girl chest? Does that make this mama? But where will baby get the tech? Alien did not plan her nesting spot well.

I wish nerds were pyromaniacs in more movies. I don’t even mind that he does exposition.

Oooh scary. Static at the end. Maybe mama had a papa? We’ll never know!