They Nest is (suprisingly) made in 2000 and awesomely stars Dean Stockwell & John Savage plus some other people.

Spoilers if you continue.

Was 2000 really so long ago that the movies feel like low budget Stephen King ripoffs? Or is that just something that can occur in almost any era?

I wish my spouse watched horror movies. Then I would be able to write all sorts of clever things about how people can’t pull off a Maine accent. Without that expert advice I will say “omg look at all the cute vowels that are being made by people who may or may not have good Maine accents!”

Cockroaches. Also the death of a friendly spider. But who cares about all these bugs? The real story is about the redemption of a man who was never bad but treated badly. Life just wasn’t fair for the good doctor. Nobody believes he’s given up the booze. Not even the hottie he meets in the small town. Well, ha ha ha because all he needs to fight the weird new species of bug is coffee. Hells yeah. Coffee.

There may be some sort of small town vs big city buying ma & pa’s farm house but that plot gets swept aside by the invasion of bugs. See if that guy ever gets his electricity turned on.

Autopsies, illegal lobster fishing, also impromptu tracheotomy. Why is it always a tracheotomy? Everyone wants to do a tracheotomy. It’s the favorite movie emergency aid that nobody should be doing.

Bonus points for having one of those “the bug made it to the city when everyone thought they were safe” endings.