Stung is one of those movies I started over as soon as I finished. Oddly enough I’d avoided watching it for a long while because the poster (preview image) and description didn’t describe how completely fantastically awesome this movie is.

Spoilers if you continue.

This movie is so poetic. Images evoked at the beginning play out at the end or in the middle. It has shape and humor and blood and goop and mother issues and that joke that can’t be done too often in movies. The music is spot on. The lighting evokes Amelie, the humor somewhere between Slither & Serenity & Evolution. It is completely unique and yet stands on the shoulders of beloved archetypes. I liked the characters at the beginning but I loved them at the end. All of them. Every character in there. Why did I wait so long to watch this?

There’s no summing this up. This is a movie that must be watched.