Chopping Mall stars Kelli Maroney and 80s pop culture.

Spoilers if you continue.

A mall, floofy hair, ankle boots, big boobs, perfectly good robots turned into killing machines because of a lightning strike. I mean why can’t lightning ever take my computer and turn it into crazy AI killing machine with a witty kill line? All it ever does to me is fry motherboards.

One of the most interesting things about watching movies from other eras is trying to figure out how characters signal they are “good girls” or “nerds.” Thank goodness for glasses.

This movie has what it advertises. Irrational decisions, grief crazed heros rushing straight into the arms of baddies, girls who can’t run, lasers! The best part? The main characters watching a monster movie within the monster movie. If you want the movie to go on you can just follow it with Attack of the Crab Monsters and be there on the couch with the kids not making out.

It’s probably worth saying it’s a Roger Corman film.

Also there’s a pet store to make sure you get your crawly spiders thrill.

Anyway, have fun watching the 80s be all 80s and that.