Deadly Blessing has both Ernest Borgnine & Sharon Stone in it. How awesome is that?

Spoilers if you continue.

This movie was a splatter plot if ever there was one. Scary spiders, scary disabled dude, scary demon, scary boy raised as a girl by his scary mother, scary cult, scary sympathy for a guy who almost rapes his fiance because he’s repressed, scary tractor. I was even ready for the eggs to be scary. I still don’t know who blew up the car. I mean I can guess it was the scary mother, she seems to be the favored black gloves wearing person in the movie but why? I’m really confused about why. Which is the short review of the movie. Why?

Ok, Ernest Borgnine is a dream. He always does the scary cult leader thing so well.

But seriously, how many early 80s movies have deranged psychopaths who are that way because their mom chose to raise them as the “wrong gender” to appease (generally) her desire for a daughter? Can we agree it is the most transphobic era of movies? Or do I just not know better? I have no claimes of being an expert but between this and Sleepaway Camp (spoilers for alll the movies) I am going to pin transphobia on the early 80s.

At the end I’m still not sure if the cult was right all along or in league with the demon. This goes back to the whole thing being splatter plot and me being scatter thought. That said, I found it enjoyable. It had people in it and scary (unrelated to each other) things and it paced nicely between “oh hey everyday jogging” and “aaaak car on fire.”